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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Enjoying Songkran in Khao Lak

February 24, 2020
Swiming Pool - Seaview Resort Khaolak Seaview Resort Khaolak

Khao Lak is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. While it might not boast the tourist attractions or the craze its neighbor, Phuket, has, it is still worth anyone’s time. From its lush forests to its pristine beaches, there is plenty here that makes Khao Lak a spectacular destination.

That said, Khao Lak also hosts some of the most amazing festivals, some of which are celebrated throughout Thailand. One of the most notable festivals here is the Songkran Festival.

The Songkran Festival

Songkran is Thailand’s traditional new year and begins on the 13th of April and ends on the 15th. On the first day, people will clean their houses and throw away or burn any trash or garbage. The next day is comprised of people heading to temples for a bathing ceremony. In this ceremony, worshippers will pour water onto the hands of Buddha’s image as well as monks and elders.

While the first few aspects of Songkran might not seem exciting to you, what follows is what attracts people from around the world to join in, the water fights.

Across the country, people on cars, bikes, side of the roads, and everywhere throw water at each other. This can get so intense, that pretty much the entire country stops to play with water.

Planning to visit Khao Lak during the Songkran festival? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. People are playing with water everywhere
Even though Khao Lak is a relatively calm and relaxing place, there’s no hiding from the water here. Everywhere on the streets, especially in towns, people will be there ready with their buckets and water guns. They’ll even stop people along the way to either get them or cover them with a white paste.

2. You will get wet
If you think that, because you’re a foreigner, you won’t be a part of this, you might want to think again. Especially because you’re a foreigner, people are going to target you with their water guns. Because of this, if you’re planning to walk the streets where people are celebrating Songkran, you must dress for the occasion. Wear a light T-shirt, shorts, and slippers. If you must carry items with you that can’t get wet like money or your phone, don’t forget to grab a waterproof bag and place them in it.

3. Use a car if you want to stay dry
If you need to get somewhere dry, you’ll need to rent a car. That way, you’ll be shielded from the sprays and splashes of water, ensuring that you reach your destination dry.

If you do use a bike to get around, you’re just asking to get wet. Be careful, though, while you’re on the road. Remember, people are everywhere playing, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to the road.

To conclude, if you’re afraid to miss out on Songkran, if you show up in Khao Lak, don’t be. You’ll find plenty of locals splashing away and celebrating this wonderful time of the year. That said, grab yourself a bucket and perhaps even a water gun. You might find a few spots that’ll be more than happy to invite you to join in on all the fun!