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What You Can Expect from a Khao Sok National Park Tour

March 1, 2020
Khao Sok National Park Seaview Resort Khaolak

Are you interested in exploring what lies within Khao Sok National Park? While you might be up for your adventure, we highly recommend that you opt for a tour! Not only does this mean that you don’t have to bother thinking up your itinerary, but you can make the most out of your trip. That said, here’s what you can expect from a Khao Sok National Park tour.

1. A Bike Trip
Your trip will most likely start with a bike tour across Khao Sok Village, showing around the local area and is to be found.

What you’ll most likely remember is the school you might come across. What makes the place unique is the children that’ll surround you in seconds, posing for pictures and interacting with you. After that, you’ll come across a farm in which you’ll learn about how the locals raise the animals and grow their produce.

You’ll also get to visit a monkey temple. If you thought that the place would be full of monkeys, thanks to the name, you’d be correct!

There, monkeys run the place. They’re everywhere—up in the trees, down on the ground, swinging around. While you’re busy looking at the beauty the temple has to offer, be a little careful. Keep your items safe in your bags, and your hat tightly strapped on. You wouldn’t want to head home without your favorite hat.

2. A Lake Visit
After all the monkey business, you’ll most likely head back to your resort and stay until the next day.

Now is when the real tour begins! You’ll find yourself in a van heading straight for the genuinely stunning Cheow Lan lake. Upon arriving, you’ll get to sit in boats that will tour you around the lake and park. The boats are comfortable and large, meaning that you have plenty of space to move around. A tour guide will also be with you, supplying you with plenty of knowledge and some humorous comments to keep the atmosphere fun and happy.

3. A Hiking Trip
After the boating adventure is over and you’ve had your lunch, you’ll hop back into the boat and head straight for a trail. We hope you’re ready, as the trail can be quite challenging. However, the rewards are great, and the trek itself is delightful.

During the hike, you’ll be surrounded by nothing else but Mother Nature. From lush trees to beautiful waterfalls, you’ll truly feel one with nature here. You’ll also get to explore a cave in the end, a sort of a cherry on top to end your hiking on a high.

After your hiking trip, you’ll head back to your boats where you can have your dinner, wash up, and enjoy your activities until the sun rises again.

To conclude, a tour through Khao Sok National Park is nothing short of amazing. There, you come across stunning nature in the form of land and water, as well as the inhabitants of the area, both people and animals. As a final goodbye, you’ll get to enjoy a final boat trip through the lake on the way to exit the park. This is sort of goodbye by allowing you to take in all the stunning views that Khao Sok National Park has to offer one last time. That said, it doesn’t have to be your last time here! You’re always welcome back to relive this enjoyable experience.

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