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Don’t Sweat Your Summer Wedding – 3 Ideas to Keep your Ceremony Cool

March 29, 2020
Swiming Pool - Seaview Resort Khaolak Seaview Resort Khaolak

For some people, summer is their favorite season. Not a year goes by without a trip to the sea for water sports like surfing, or partying at night, or even just chilling at the shore. For others, summer offers an escape, a chance to go somewhere to cool off as a treat. For various reasons, people associate the summer with enjoyment and relaxation.

A summer wedding benefits from that relaxed vibe. In the summer, days are longer, flowers are brighter, and there is less chance of rain interrupting the ceremonies. A summer ceremony is also romantic and quite glamorous, especially if you have a destination wedding. If you are thinking of having your wedding during the warmer months, then here are some ideas to inspire you:

Make your ornaments minimalist

Summer weddings are a time to showcase lush gardens and clear skies. if you booked a ceremony and reception in a resort, you might as well have an outdoor venue in the place. Unless it’s raining, then there’s no reason for you to stay cooped up indoors; have your wedding in the resort garden, by the pool, or even by the sea!

Since you have nature as your backdrop, there is no need for elaborate floral arrangements, bundles of silk ribbons, and all the other accouterments of indoor weddings. Be minimalist; hang thin strings of lights in strategic places, or use natural materials like bamboo or palm fronds. Fully embrace the seaside aesthetic with your decor, and save some cash while you are at it.

Pick bright colors for your entourage

This season is the time for you to use bold hues. In summer, flowers are brighter, so mimic nature by letting your bridesmaids wear colors like teal, purple, and yellow. Just be sure that your colors complement the rest of your scheme, and do not clash against the view of the garden or the ocean.

As a rule of thumb, four to five colors is enough; any more and it becomes overwhelming, no matter how minimalist you keep the rest of your setup. Choose complementary colors. If you are not the type who likes bold colors, you can pick more muted tones like peach and lime. However, you need to be sure that you don’t get colors that will look washed out against the background or in bright sunlight.

Put your wedding party under a shade

Though summer weddings usually mean cool breezes, sometimes the winds are low, which means humid weather. Be prepared for the possibility of your wedding day falling on a hot, muggy day. Keep your guests cool by using natural shades like trees or, if available, overhead trellises.

This lets people appreciate the outdoor venue without suffering from being under the heat. You can also have personalized fans, sunglasses, or wide-brimmed hats as souvenirs, which you can distribute before the ceremony begins. Other takeaway gifts include cold drinks, which you can serve at the end of the ceremony. If you have an afternoon ceremony this can double as your cocktail drinks before the dinner reception.


A summer wedding means naturally cool winds, gorgeous destinations, and possibly more people being able to attend. In addition, a wedding held in the summer means natural, outdoor lighting, giving you the best photos of your special day.

When planning for your summer wedding, consider how you can take advantage of the scenery while making sure your guests and entourage are comfortable. The best part is, when the ceremony is over, you can all head to the sea or the pool for some swimming.

If you are looking for a venue for your summer wedding, look no further than Seaview Resort Khao Lak. Framed by the Andaman Sea and set against the mountains of Khao Lak, Seaview is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing, romantic day with loved ones and friends. Contact us today to learn more!