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Do Jellyfish Exist in Khao Lak

March 15, 2020
Swiming Pool - Seaview Resort Khaolak Seaview Resort Khaolak

Are you afraid of jellyfish? If you are, we can’t blame you for feeling that way. After all, you may often hear horror stories of people getting stung by these invisible creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the waters. While they are magnificent and beautiful creatures, they aren’t something you would want to run into while swimming in Thailand’s beautiful ocean.

Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not jellyfish do spawn in Thailand, more specifically, in Khao Lak. Well, they do, especially during the rainy season. However, to calm your nerves down, the ones that do exist here are not harmful to you!

The Harmless Jellyfish of Khao Lak

It is good to note that although the jellyfish you’ll find here are harmless, they’ll still sting you a bit if you do encounter them. Fortunately, the pain will disappear within the hour, but you’ll see red spots on the area of the skin that was stung up to a few days after the incident.

Be aware that you can still get stung by jellyfish that have been beached. If you do find one washed up on the sands, it is good to assume that it is alive. In fact, even if they’re dead, know that they can actually still sting you. To ensure no accident occurs, be sure to bury the jellyfish deep into the sands.

Treating the Sting

If you do not want to deal with an hour-long pain, a simple remedy of vinegar poured over the stung area will help neutralize the jellyfish’s venom. You might have also heard that urine works the same way. Whether or not the pain subsides, or that you’re disgusted by the fact that urine is being poured over your skin, you will completely forget the pain is up for debate.

Keep in mind, however, that studies have shown that urine can also make the problem worse, so you should leave this solution tucked away in the pants. Stick to vinegar, and you’ll be fine. Lemon, or other acidic substances, can also help. If the pain doesn’t go away, then it’s best to visit a doctor.

The Lurking Dangers of Deadly Jellyfish

While we previously mentioned that there are no actual harmful jellyfish in Khao Lak, we’re only talking about ones that are native to the area. In some cases, jellyfishes, such as the notorious box jellyfish, might find its way to the area.

If you’ve done some research, box jellyfishes actually live on the Australian coast, how can they lurk in Khao Lak? Back in 2015, there was an incident that led to the death of a tourist caused by a box jellyfish. How the jellyfish showed up there, no one knows until today. However, one matter is for sure that they can’t swim by themselves to Khao Lak. It was said that the jellyfish was unknowingly brought to the area while unloading container ships from Australia.


Swimming in the waters of Khao Lak is very safe. Even if you do encounter jellyfish, they won’t harm you. In any case, if you do get stung by a dangerous jellyfish or find that someone else was stung by one, such as the box jellyfish, seek help immediately.

Nevertheless, your time by the beach will surely be worthwhile. If you are looking for a family resort during your stay, then get in touch with Seaview Resort Khao Lak today to book your stay at our resort in Khao Lak.