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4 Khao Lak Destinations Beyond the Sand and Sea

April 19, 2020
Swiming Pool - Seaview Resort Khaolak Seaview Resort Khaolak

Khao Lak is a tourist spot that is one for the books—or the movies, actually—since this place and surrounding areas have been the backdrop for many Hollywood films. From romantic comedies to fantasy adventures, Khao Lak’s beaches and its sweeping landscapes have captivated audiences worldwide.

This area in Phang Nga bay, however, is more than just a setting for blockbuster films. It is also a destination in its own right and is becoming known for other things as well. If you are looking for a reason to visit Khao Lak, we discuss four really good ones below.

1. Go diving at Similan Park

One of the best diving locations in the world, Mu Ko Similan is about 90 minutes away from Phang Nga Bay by speedboat. ‘Similan’ is a word with Malay origins, and it translates to ‘nine,’ which refers to the nine large islands that make up this area. This national park is replete with marine wonders; there are 5,000-year-old coral reefs, schools of vibrant fish, and even larger creatures like sea turtles.

There is a range of price points for travelers who want to see the islands. Those on a budget can take day trips through the national park service’s official vessels, which can be found at the Thap Lamu pier. Chartered boats are also available along Khao Lak. Those with a bit more money to spare should go on liveaboard trips, which bring divers to different spots on the island.

2. Trek and swim at Sairung Waterfall

Hidden in a forest north of Khao Lak is Sairung, a 60-meter-high waterfall. It is breathtaking; the water cascades from a cliff onto a small pool. ‘Sairung’ means ‘rainbow,’ and it definitely is as beautiful as one. Sarojin Resort, which is close to Sairung, is a good place to eat after trekking to the falls. There is also a nearby car park, making it accessible to guests with vehicles. Admission to Sairung is free, and it is only about ten kilometers away from Bang Niang.

3. Visit Wat Kong Ka Pimoor

For a more cultural experience, immerse yourself in Thailand’s principal religion and head to Wat Kong Ka Pimoor. This Buddhist temple requires visitors to cover their arms and legs, and act modestly when touring the place.

Wat Kong Ka Pimoor has grand carvings and lavish mirrored tiles, making an impression on any visitor to the temple. After passing through the opulent gold-and-red temple gates, you will encounter gold statues, carvings of gods and goddesses. Offer an orange blossom to the buddha as a sign of respect, and take the time inside to reflect or silently contemplate.

4. Explore Panyee

Panyee is a floating village in Phang Nga Bay. It is a thriving hub with homes, shops, a school, and even a place of worship. The interesting thing about this place is that everything is on stilts, and the residents are used to tourists. They are so used to them, in fact, that they do not mind curious questions and requests to take a peek inside their homes.

Shops in Panyee sell a hodgepodge of items that are a good representation of local life. There is the usual spicy food, but there are also kaftans and jewelry you can take home as souvenirs. Panyee is also known for its local football club, an impressive feat considering the entire village is right on top of the sea.


Khao Lak definitely has more to offer than the sand and the sea. If you dig a little deeper, you are bound to find real gems off the beaten road. Take the time and experience more than the usual at Phang Nga, and visit these destinations in Khao Lak.

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