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2 Must-Visit Shipwreck Diving Locations in Khao Lak

April 5, 2020
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Other than being a great hub to visit the myriad of islands around the place like Similan Islands and Surin Islands, one of the best places you can ever take your diving hobby to is at Khao Lak itself. Here, one of the best spots you can dive is the wrecks in the sea that has been home to the myriad of underwater creatures.

In this article, we will share with you two shipwreck locations that you must when you’re on a diving trip to Khao Lak:

1. Premchai Wreck

Not too far from the Tap Lamu pier, you’ll be able to find Premchai Wreck. Know that no matter what skill level you are as a diver, you’re most welcome to dive here.

The site itself lays twenty meters below the surface and consists of the Premchai, built back in 1976, which was sunk in September 2000. Premchai’s original purpose was to move tin ore from one place to another. The cause of the sink was a crack in the hull, which is still clearly visible when you visit the wreck site.

Because the ship made it down mostly intact, it has been home to many of the creatures in the water. From Moray Eels to Pipefishes, you’ll find many exotic creatures here. To add to that, both soft and hard corals call the place home.

2. Bonsung Wreck

Also located off the Tap Lamu pier, albeit much further than the Premchai wreck, the Bonsung wreck is also one of the best wrecks you can ever go to for diving. To get here, you will need to use the speedboat, as the site itself is approximately thirteen miles offshore and will take you around an hour.

Unlike the Premchai wreck, the Bonsung wreck is more suited for advanced divers. The site itself has been used in diving courses to train professional divers.

The wreck itself is located twenty meters at the bottom, while you might not see it until you’re at least ten meters close to it. Similar to the Premchai, the Bonsung was also used to haul tin ore. However, it wasn’t a crack in the hull that sunk the ship. Instead, it was a devastating storm that took the ship down.

Although it was originally intact, it was taken apart when the tsunami occurred. Yet, you’ll find plenty of the ship still together, along with its cargo, surrounded by schools of exotic fishes and corals that call the place home. Here, you’ll find schools of fishes that consist of yellow snappers as well as other fishes, such as Moray Eels and even the Lionfish.

Notes When Visiting the Two Sites

There are a few things to keep in mind when you visit the two sites we’ve mentioned in this article. First, the sites contain many sharp objects, so we highly recommend that you do not touch anything. Second, if you’re trying to explore inside the ship itself, note that penetration is either impossible or not allowed.


While Khao Lak has plenty to offer to you, from stunning beaches to exciting delicacies, one of the things you cannot miss out on is the diving. If you’re too afraid to dive into deep waters, snorkeling is the next best alternative. If you can, however, we highly recommend that you explore the two wrecks that are mentioned above. They’re out of this world and promise an experience you’ll never find anywhere else.

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